Move In & Out Cleaning in Lynchburg, VA

Moving is a stressful process, even when you hire a company of movers, the job doesn’t get any easier.

We consider moving to be one of the most strenuous tasks a person or family has to go through, and we want to make it easier on you during your move. Next Level Cleaners kick it up a notch and offer residential cleaning services in Lynchburg, which cover cleaning up not just one but both your spaces: the one you’re moving out of, and the one you’re moving into!

Our team of cleaners will make sure the items you’re dismantling and packing are dirt and dust free, along with cleaning up each room you empty out to leave nothing behind, not even a swatch of dust! Your new space will be prepped and cleaned by us, before you start unpacking your belongings, giving you a physical clean slate to begin anew.

Our Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning bundle makes sure your old place looks brand new and unlike it has been lived in when you move out, and your new space ready to welcome you and residue free once you’ve unpacked and are settled down.

What the Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning package includes:

• Remove all loose dirt and debris and dust fans

• Vacuum or mop all floors and carpets
• Clean inside and outside of kitchen and bathroom cabinets
Wipe down and sanitize baseboards, doors, and window casings
• Wipe down all surfaces
• Clean all appliances outside
• Clean and shine all sinks, bathtubs, and shower stalls
• Dust window blinds
• Dust for cobwebs
• Wipe all light switches
• Clean inside cabinets kitchen and bathrooms(if empty)

Move In and Move Out Cleaning Service in Virginia